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Mendut Temple

Posted by Latest Indonesia Tourism on Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Temple in Indonesia - Various relics reflecting the glory and grandeur of the past are scattered in various parts of the archipelago. One of the rest of the grandeur of the past is Mendut located about 3 miles east of Borobudur. Kayumwungan inscriptions found in Karangtengah mention that Mendut built by King Indra of Sailendra dynasty. Rectangular temple with terraced roofs are decorated with small stupas built earlier than Pawon and Borobudur temple located in one straight line. In contrast to the Borobudur temple facing the sunrise, then Mendut entrance facing west.

Mendut temple

From a distance Mendut look beautiful and sturdy stands on the foot of the temple as high as 3.70 m. In the courts, if we surround the temple, we will find some relief panels which tells the story of the birds and turtles, monkeys and vultures, Brahmins and crabs, as well as a number of other fables. At first glance it looks like a story reliefs aimed at kids, but actually reliefs depicting the Jataka stories provide a moral message to all those who visit Mendut. Up to the body of the temple, we will find 8 relief Bodhisattva with different attitudes and hands are much bigger than the relief panels in Borobudur temple.

When the foot entered the temple room, mingled with the fragrant scent of incense wafted the scent clearly. Three 3-meter high statue of the irradiated light. Large statues that were in the booth Mendut it is Dyani Buddha statue Cakyamuni or Vairocana, Avalokitesvara statue, and the statue of Bodhisattva Vajrapani. Cakyamuni Dyani Buddha statue in the middle of sitting with both feet angled down and the attitude of the hand turning the wheel of dharma. Carved out of stone intact with high accuracy makes the three statues that look elegant and dashing. In front of the statue of Buddha there fresh flower arrangements, hiolo, and incense.


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