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Padang Mountain Site

Posted by Latest Indonesia Tourism on Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Historical Site - Padang Mountain site is located in Padang village and  Panggulan Village, District of Campaka Karyamukti village, Cianjur, is shaped megalithic sites punden the largest in Southeast Asia. It is considering building area of ​​approximately 900 m2 purbakalanya an area of ​​the site itself is approximately 3 hectare.

The existence of these sites appeared in the report peratama Rapporten kundigen van de oudheid-Dienst (ROD), 1914, NJ Krom subsequently reported in 1949. Relevant authorities in 1979 in terms of development and research of cultural heritage objects, namely the local cultural overseers followed by ditlinbinjarah and Pulit Arkenas conduct a review of the site location. Since then research efforts toward the site of Mount Padang started either from an archaeological, historical, geological and other.
Padang Mountain Sites

Berundaknya punden building form reflects the megalithic tradition (mega means big and lithos means stone) as is common in some areas in West Java. Site of Mount Padang is located 50 kilometers from Cianjur is said to be the largest megalithic site in Southeast Asia. Among the local people, the site is believed to be evidence of an effort to build a palace King Siliwangi overnight.

Aided by his troops, he tried to collect blocks of stone that is only found in that area. However, the night seemed to pass faster. Tinge of dawn on the eastern horizon had thwarted his efforts, then that region and then he left. He let the stones scattered on the hill which is now called Mount Padang. Means bright meadow.


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