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Pawon Temple

Posted by Latest Indonesia Tourism on Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Temple in Indonesia - Pawon is a Buddhist temple, of the kingdom of Mataram, which is located in the village of Borobudur, Borobudur subdistrict, Magelang regency, Central Java. Pawon located right on the axis line connecting the Borobudur and Mendut. Its location is 1150 m to the west of Mendut and 1750 m to the east of the temple of Borobudur.

Formerly this temple is often used as a place of ritual. This temple has 2 small windows in the rear wall, which connects with the outside world. This strongly suggests the existence of a window and a proof that in ancient times, the temple used for various rituals using fire. These windows are made to facilitate the disposal of smoke out of the temple.
Pawon Temple

Mendut layout, Pawon and Borobudur Temple is located on a straight line underlying the allegation that the three Buddhist temples that have a close connection. Besides the location, the similarity in the three temples carved motifs are also underlying the relation between them. Poerbatjaraka, even found an upa Pawon tine (part of) Borobudour temple.

Pawon restored in 1903. Origin of Pawon naming can not be known with certainty. J.G. de Casparis interpret that originated from the Javanese Pawon Awu which means gray, gets the prefix and suffix pa's that show somewhere. In everyday Javanese word meaning pawon kitchen, but De Casparis interpret cremation. Locals also refer to the name of the temple Pawon Bajranalan. The word is probably derived from the Sanskrit word vajra = "lightning" and Anala = "fire". 


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